Devious Maids Thoughts

Although the show has been receiving a lot of negative thoughts, I feel that most of these critics didn’t really give it a good chance.You hardly know these women and some already assume they’re unsuccessful in life and have to become maids.

I do admit that there are a lot of stereotype in this show, however, these characters are more complex than just being the stereotypical maids. If you think of a stereotypical maid, Consuela from Family Guy is the perfect example because she was made for that role to criticize the stereotype. These ladies are not another Consuela, if you actually follow through episode 3, you can see more insights of what their lives like. Such as:

- Marisol - You don’t know anything about her background except she’s the mother of the boy that got framed. She’s smart, intelligent, and she doesn’t let other people push her around like a servant, not even her boss, from the very beginning. You can’t say that she’s unsuccessful in life because she’s a mystery to us. She’s under covering, and for all we know, she could have been a very successful business owner. And please don’t counter that by saying her son is a server. Do you know how much server make when serving at Beverly Hills events ?

- Zoila and Valentina - If you watch up to episode 3, you will know that they own their own house. Not in the best neighborhood, but you know what, the cost of living in LA is expensive as hell, not a lot of people could easily own a house. On the side note, I do like their love stories with the Delatour, not only the daughter, but the mother too.

- Carmen - Not much to talk about her, however, she has an agenda, it’s not like she’s planning to be a maid forever, and what better way to climb up the hill to be an artist than work for someone who’s already up the hill. (Kim Kardashian did it) Plus, free living expense. It’s hard to get a record label, and she got the talent.

- Rosie - Not much to say, she’s a stereotypical maid, however, she represent the part of every immigrant that leave their love ones behind to work in the US, it’s totally relateable to a large population of US. I absolutely adore this character. She’s so sweet, she doesn’t deserve that bitch Peri as the boss, it makes me so angry that she think Peri actually care about her problems. Thank the lord for sending Spense as the other boss.

Overall, I think the show is fantastic compare to other recent television shows. Marc Cherry’s writing is perfectly witty and has a good mystery to it (although the pilot writing is a bit off, but later episodes are so good). I was literally clapping and laughing so hard at episode 3, it’s their best episode yet! I love most of the characters, especially Rosie and Mrs. Delatour, they’re so sweet. I do agree that they should include other ethnicity so it’s not so focus on Latino. But I think if you can just see past the stereotype, you would see it is a good show.

I’m not so sad anymore that Desperate Housewives had ended, although it would be nice if Marc Cherry put Brenda Strong (Mary Alice) as the narrator again.